The call for applications will take place from 1 January to 4 March 2018.

The Prix Elysée is open to mid-career photographers or artists from around the world. They must be recommended by a reputed professional in the fields of photography, contemporary art, cinema, fashion, journalism or publishing.

The official rules, application form and recommendation form can be downloaded here.

Important: All applications must be written in English or French.

Questions and Answers

Photographer’s Profile

What is the profile necessary for a photographer to apply?


If my work uses photography, but I do not identify myself specifically as a photographer, can I still apply for the prize?


Do I need to be a Swiss citizen to submit a project to the Prix Elysée?


Portfolio Contents / Project

What are the guidelines for projects suitable for the Prix Elysée?


Is a video an acceptable project proposal for the Prix Elysée?


Can the museum cover the expenses incurred in the production of my artistic portfolio, with which I apply?


I already have low quality prints of my work, but they are not A4 format or similar. Can I send these?


In what language can my portfolio documents be submitted?


If we are applying as a group of artists, should we fill in one application form per artist ?


Shipping / Reception of the portfolio

Can my portfolio be postmarked for 4 March 2018?


Do I need to send my portfolio by registered mail ?


Will I be notified when my portfolio has arrived?


Can I retrieve my portfolio?



Who is an acceptable reference?


How many photographers can a reference recommend?


How should the reference’s letter and recommendation form arrive? Can it be sent directly to the museum?


If I am a nominee / winner…

What do the nominees receive?


What does the winner receive?


When will the nominees be notified and how do I know if I am selected?


When is the nominees’ book published?


How long does the winner have to complete his/her project?


What is the form of the presentation at the Musée de l’Elysée?



Is there a fee to apply to the Prix Elysée?


When will the Jury be announced?


If my work is not accepted the first year, am I allowed to resubmit to the Prix Elysée for the following edition?