COVID-19: Good news: the fourth edition of the Prix Elysée is maintained!

The selection process for the nominees of the Prix Elysée has been slightly updated and the eight nominees will be contacted personally by the museum on May 14, 2020 (instead of late April).

We remain at your disposal by email at the following address:

If your application was sent before March 9, 2020 and you have not received a confirmation email from us, please feel free to contact us.



Applications for the Prix Elysée 4th edition are closed.

The Prix Elysée is open to mid-career photographers or artists from around the world. They must be recommended by a reputed professional in the fields of photography, contemporary art, cinema, fashion, journalism or publishing.

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Questions and Answers

Photographer’s Profile

What is the profile necessary for a photographer to apply?


If my work uses photography, but I do not identify myself specifically as a photographer, can I still apply for the prize?


Do I need to be a Swiss citizen to submit a project to the Prix Elysée?


Portfolio Contents / Project

What are the guidelines for projects suitable for the Prix Elysée?


Is a video an acceptable project proposal for the Prix Elysée?


Can the museum cover the expenses incurred in the production of my artistic portfolio, with which I apply?


I already have low quality prints of my work, but they are not A4 format or similar. Can I send these?


In what language can my portfolio documents be submitted?


If we are applying as a group of artists, should we fill in one application form per artist ?


Shipping / Reception of the portfolio

Can my portfolio be postmarked for 9 March 2020?


Do I need to send my portfolio by registered mail ?


Will I be notified when my portfolio has arrived?


Can I retrieve my portfolio?



Who is an acceptable reference?


How many photographers can a reference recommend?


How should the reference’s letter and recommendation form arrive? Can it be sent directly to the museum?


If I am a nominee / winner…

What do the nominees receive?


What does the winner receive?


When will the nominees be notified and how do I know if I am selected?


When is the nominees’ book published?


How long does the winner have to complete his/her project?



Is there a fee to apply to the Prix Elysée?


When will the Jury be announced?


If my work is not accepted the first year, am I allowed to resubmit to the Prix Elysée for the following edition?