2025 Edition

The call for entries for the 2025 Prix Elysée ran from November 10, 2023 to January 28, 2024 and is now closed. The 8 nominees will be announced in June 2024.


The call for entries for the Prix Elysée 2025 was made via the Picter platform.


The Prix Elysée is open to mid-career photographers or artists using photography from around the world. They are recommended by a recognized professional in the field of photography, contemporary art, film, fashion, journalism or publishing.

Key dates

  • November 10, 2023 to January 28, 2024: applications open
  • June 2024: presentation of the nominees
  • August 2024: the first images of the project are ready to be shown
  • January 2025: promotion of the work in progress of the 8 nominees
  • February 2025: deadline for the nominees to submit final portfolios for consideration of the international jury
  • June 2025: Prix Elysée award ceremony
  • June 2026: deadline for the winner to complete her or his work and presentation during a dedicated éventuellement

Frequently asked questions

Photographer's profile

What is the profile necessary for a photographer to apply?
Photographers who have established their career through exhibitions and publications, but have not yet enjoyed a mid-career retrospective, are the ideal stage to apply. The foal of the Prix Elysée is to help place a promising, nationally established photographer onto the international stage and provide major funding to complete an ambitious project.

If my work uses photography, but I do not identify myself specifically as a photographer, can I still apply for the Prix Elysée?
Yes. Work submitted for consideration should employ photography primarily, but artists are invited to explore the image. For example, photographic collage or camera-less photography are welcome.

Do I need to be a Swiss citizen to submit a project to the Prix Elysée?
No. The Prix Elysée is open to photographers and artists of all nationalities.

Dossier content/project

What are the guidelines for projects suitable for the Prix Elysée?
An unpublished photographic project that has never been previously exhibited and has no prior rights’ agreement with other parties or sponsors. This work must not have been submitted to another prize.

Can the museum cover the expenses incurred in the production of my dossier, with which I apply?
No. The museum is unable to reimburse expenses related to the production of an applicant’s dossier.

In what language can my dossier documents be submitted?
Dossier material must be submitted in either French or English. Please refer to the official Prix Elysée rules for more details.

If we are applying as a group of artists, should we fill in one application form per artist?
No. The group appoints a representative who fills in one form on behalf of the group.

Shipping/reception of the portfolio

Will I be notified when my dossier has arrived?
Yes. You will be informed by email as soon as your application is complete on Picter.


Who is an acceptable reference?
A reference must be a reputed professional in the fields of photography or art (museum, gallery, publishing, journalism, etc.). An established artist recognised in the international art scene can also be a suitable reference.

How many photographers can a reference recommend?
There is no limit to the number of recommendations that may come from one expert. We do, however, reserve the right to contact that individual to discuss their recommendation(s) during the selection process. If deemed necessary.

How should the reference’s letter and recommendation form arrive? Can it be sent directly to the museum?
No. All recommendation forms, and letters of reference must be transmitted with the application dossier on Picter. A reference may, however, scan the form and email it to the photographer to include in the application.

If I am a nominee/winner...

What do the nominees receive?

  • CHF 5,000 contribution
  • Important exposure of their work
  • Presentation of their work at a special event

What does the winner receive?

  • CHF 40,000 CHF for the completion and production of their photographic project
  • CHF 40,000 to promote the project (publication and/or exhibition and/or installation, etc.)
  • Important exposure of their work
  • Support and guidance by one of the Photo Elysée curators during the production of their project and its promotion (publication and/or exhibition and/or installation, etc.)
  • Promotion of their project at an event

When will the nominees be notified and how do I know if I am selected?
The nominees will be informed individually in Spring 2024. The list of nominees will be published on the Prix Elysée website in June 2024, after the public announcement.

How long does the winner have to complete their project?
The winner has one year to complete their project and its promotion (publication and/or exhibition and/or installation, etc.)


Is there a fee to apply to the Prix Elysée?
No. There is no application fee to apply to the Prix Elysée.

When will the Jury be announced?
The international jury will be announced in Spring 2025.

If I have already sent in an unsuccessful application, am I allowed to send it back to participate in this new edition of the Prix Elysée?
We encourage photographers who were not nominated to reapply for the Prix Elysée. However, they must not submit the same project for two consecutive editions (see reply to question "What are the guidelines for projects suitable for the Prix Elysée?").


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