Martin Kollar

For his project Provisional Arrangement

"I grew up during Communism with its key motto „With the Soviet Union for all Eternity“. Back then, we would add, laughing: but not an hour longer. This has been, until this day, one of the few experiences I’ve had with eternity.

Since then, my life has been filled with negotiating its many temporary situations and solutions. People of my generation have grown up, we are middle-aged now. Temporariness is slipping out of our hands, we are fighting against endless variations of disintegration and the void left behind the abandoned old dogmas.

We find ourselves in a complex world without a sense of permanence and certainty. We surround ourselves with temporary friends, we have temporary women, we have a temporary tooth replacement and we prefer temporary residencies to permanent address. Provisional Arrangement is a project concerned with situations which contain an element of uncertainty and mystery. It will be a photographic record/portrayal capturing the disintegration of permanence into temporary and provisional."



The jury of the Prix Elysée is composed of 7 members: four international experts from the fields of photography and publishing and 3 representatives of the Prix Elysée founding partners.

The voting jury members of the first Prix Elysée (2015) are:


  • Federica Angelucci, Director, Stevenson, Cape Town / Johannesburg
  • Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of Photographs, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  • Elena Foster, Founder and CEO, Ivorypress, London / Madrid
  • Ramón Reverté, Editor-in-chief and Creative Director, Editorial RM, Barcelona / Mexico City

Founding partners

  • Tatyana Franck, Director, Photo Elysée, Lausanne
  • Jean-Marc Jacot, CEO, Parmigiani Fleurier, Fleurier
  • Marina Vatchnadze, Sandoz Family Foundation, Manager of the cultural patronage

The Nominees' Book 2015

The Prix Elysée is an award to support production in the field of photography. This book presents the projects of the eight nominees of the inaugural edition, selected by Photo Elysée from among more than 400 candidates from around the world. It invites us to enter into the intimacy of a work in pro...
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Martin Kollar

For several months, Martin Kollar roamed the roads of Europe and searched through his personal archives to bring together in a rich corpus his idea of the provisional – a difficult subject to address visually. Nevertheless, Kollar didn’t waver and, with Provisional Arrangement, offers us around thir...
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